Ma'am u r teaching very positively and the child also has got used to with ur teaching techniques. U try to give individual attention to each and everyone which in another way becomes very enthusiastic for the kid and built up a sense of competition within them. Thanks

Kiran Veerkar

I am very happy and feel lucky to have Shalini Mam as my son's class teacher , She understands the child psychology very well, at the age of 4 the children's are very moody specially to attend the online school but with Shalini Mam things are very smooth and joyful, very very Happy with the teaching method of Shalini Mam. I request the school management please let Shalini Teacher be the class teacher of my son for the next academic year also if possible

Radcliffe Patiala Parent

We are fully satisfied with online classes. All the teachers are doing hard work for our children’s. Every day children’s learning new things during their online classes. Syllabus of Chrysalis books is easy and understandable for students. Children’s like to do their homework to Chrysalis app. Homework to Chrysalis app.

Radcliffe Patiala Parent

During this corona virus, students were stuck at their home & school were closed. We parents feel helpless about our wards education. But I am really thankful to Radcliffe ROLM module and Radcliffe staff for their valuable efforts for our child’s education, overall growth & development during this pandemic.

Radcliffe Patiala Parent

The ROLM (Radcliffe online learning module) is a great initiative during this phase of lock down and covid-19 to bridge the education gap. In this tough situation, when this world is suffering from a pandemic students were anxious about their future. By ROLM education 40 minutes of class are utilized and syllabus is being covered smoothly. Chrysalis app is also very helpful to send home work. I also appreciate the efforts of teachers and thankful for their cooperation with students.

Radcliffe Patiala Parent

About ROLM:- 1) Using this app student can manage their class performance and time. 2) It can help to improve tech skills. Sometimes difficult topics making fun in a game form. 3) It can helps to used individually focused. 4) When student want to communicate with their teacher for clearing their doubts they can easily communicate with their teacher. 5) It helps to atomization of boring parts with activities.
About Chrysalis:- 1) This is very good app where are lots of activities based learning done under the supervision of Shivani mam. 2) It enables to self-learning in a fun way. 3) It utilized to student learning and understanding

Radcliffe Patiala Parent

Also it is a very good method by which chrysalis teaches our children because by this method our children have no pressure on them and also they find it interesting because of your funny methods Respected mam, I want to say that your rolm method because it helps students to be in touch at the time of global pandemic.

Radcliffe Patiala Parent

During the covid pandemic in they have been successful am very happy to see the progress in my children. The children are learning fast in online classes. I am surprised and the chrysalis Home App is so good for the students. In chrysalis app teacher give the homework to student and the student will submit in Chrysalis app. It is so easy to use this app for the students. So I am Thankful to principal mam and all team members of Radcliffe School Patiala

Neha Suri

As per the teaching process till now i am very satisfied with the current method as its very clear for the child to understand and specially the writing process due to which my daughter is happy that my teacher is watching her writing . You go as per grasping power of kids and make them learn as per their convenience. You communicate with every kid which makes them express themselves.

Dr. Prathibha Anantha Bhaktha

Zelia Maam has been a good teacher to my daughter. She makes sure all children participate in the subject being taught and makes the subject easy for the children to understand..I appreciate the efforts she takes by preparing Charts, drawings, making objects to make sure my child understands the subject properly, thank you.

Amol Keluskar

We really appreciate efforts that are taken by you to teach our kids. In this pandemic situation kids cant go to school but to make them study you always find different and interesting activities so that kids can enjoy their study.

Urmila Singh

Hi ma'am, I would like to thank you for being such a good teacher for all your efforts in engaging the kids to virtual platform. All information assignment activities share it in a timely manner and thank you for your constant, patience and valuable guidance.🙏🏻

Janesh Kumar

ROLM well managed by Class Teacher. Good teaching concepts, easily understood by students. Concentrates equally on each and evry student. Proper distribution of homework and topic selection. Good listening and problem solving abilities of teacher.

Arti Jha

First I would like to thank School management & Teachers for starting virtual class in current pandemic situation. I can imagine how it was challenging to setup classroom from physical to virtual. I am very happy to inform that Barnali ma'am has reached out to parents for feedback of school and teaching methods. I am fully satisfied with school, teachers and methods used during classes. Ma'am is ready to help our child at any point of time.Request to have 10 students in each class for 30mins session which will be beneficial for all to interact with teacher.

Mayank Som

I like the online class module and it has been conducted quite well. Interaction between teacher and students is also very good. The amount of assignments given to the student is manageable right now, but it should not be overloaded.

Monalisa Mishra

Your teaching skills are really good. The softness in your words and the way you address each and every kid in a small span of time is really appreciated. As far as the ROLM is concerned, since the mobile app is very recently introduced, we are not yet familiar with it. Need more time to provide feedback.

Prajakta Angne

In this tough pandemic situation, school's decision on taking online classes and making infra available without delay is appreciated. Teacher's job is excellent. Her teaching skill is very good and she is taking good efforts

Shalini Dubey

"Dear Ma’am… My ward Aadvik Dubey enjoying online classes very much. Initially I was thinking that my child will not understand anything through online classes, but teachers made it possible. Shalini ma'am thanks for the efforts you are doing for the kids, your way of explanation is so good that after the class I don't have to do any effort. Your all sessions are very interesting and full of energy. Aadvik understands each and everything you teach. Along with the study, the music and dance, fun activities videos that you provide to children are also very interesting. Ma'am EVS classes are also going very well and I am happy that my child is able to study in this difficult time and hope that this will continue smoothly in future too. So Big thanks to all teachers specially Shalini pant ma'am & Kshma ma'am and school for inspiring my child. Ma'am You touch the future through the hearts of children. With sincere appreciation!😊🙏 I am greatful to Aadvik for having such lovely class teacher. By:- Shalini dubey, M/o Aadvik dubey Buds B Kharghar."

Mr.Abhay Saraswat

Thank u so much maam .Today's session was awsm. and Utsav also started taking interest as well. Thank u for ur hard work

Varun Kumar

Well designed curriculum focusing on practical examples mixed with fun activities makes the learning at Radcliffe High unique. Good teacher student ratio provides adequate individual attention to the kid and continues feedback highlights improvements area.

Mrs Manshi

As a parent of two children studying at Radcliffe High, Marathahalli for the last four years, I\'m very positive about the Excellent Curriculum and Environment, Radcliffe High provides for the overall development of my children. The teachers are always welcoming and very responsible towards children. Most of the teachers have a personal connect with the children because the number in every class is less. The school conducting different competitive exams like Olympiad, ASSET, VIVA etc is helping the children explore their capabilities outside the school walls.

Amit Mishra

It was a great pleasure to be part of the Viva Annual Day function. We really enjoyed the event and it was great to see a fully charged up and enthusiastic performance from the little ones.
I think such programs where you give an opportunity to all the students to perform on stage is really remarkable, and it goes a long way to demonstrate "no child left behind" culture Radcliffe School has adopted.
Once again I want to thank and congratulate the Principal and all the teachers for putting together such a great show.

M Kumar

Radcliffe is a place where a child feels "home away from home" from the inception of Radcliffe I have been a part of the Radcliffe Family my child has experienced exiting movements and always longs to be in and around the school premise. VIVA seems to be a home managed 4 day festival. A lot to learn for both, children and parents.

Rohit Jadhav

It was Great Experience while we visit Radcliffe School First time. I appreciate your response during admission process and all details have explained to me with transparency. Overall it's great Experience....

Vaishali K

It was indeed a pleasure to be associated with the organization like Radcliffe. I was extremely satisfied right from starting. At reception a clear guidance to whom to meet when to meet. Detail explanation about the organization, facilities available in school. Coordinator mam was also very supportive and friendly. My daughter is already adjusted in the new environment in just 2-3 days which I have not thought so. I hope the same kind of support throughout the year.