Strategic Objective

1. To instil regularity & punctuality among the students.
Indicator: % of improvement in regularity.
Methodology: Monitor daily attendance and updating monthly.
Target: 90%
2. Meticulous implementation of planned academic calendar.
Indicator: % of syllabus covered.
Methodology: Compare planned syllabus with actual completion status.
Target: 100%
3. Continuous research and re-orientation workshops to envisage teaching methodology.
Indicator: Hours.
Methodology: Organising training / workshops for teachers.
Target: In hour per year.
4. Continuous up gradation of infrastructure and availability of modern amenities for creating good academic environment.
Indicator: Amount in Rs.
Methodology: To compute addition to infrastructure.
Target: In Rs. per annum.
5. Achieving the Excellency in academy by result oriented approach.
Indicator: Selection % in the examination.
Methodology: To calculate the number of students selected.
Target: 100%.
6. Academic Activities and Events.
Indicator: Number of Academic events & activities.
Methodology: Conduct different types of events/activities in an Academic year.
Target: Minimum 24 activities per year