Knowledge Ware

Knowledge Ware

We have developed our own Radcliffe Knowledge Ware, ICT-based learning modules to enhance the teaching and learning experience in each standard across different subjects. We are using it as an effective tool to make the curriculum tailor made that suits every child’s way of learning. The teachers at Radcliffe illustrate and elaborate a range of topics using Knowledge Ware for children’s better understanding of a subject and create an environment wherein they can find their niche for successful learning and continued growth. Some of the Key Features of Radcliffe Knowledge Ware:

• Collaborative Learning : It promotes active collaborative learning and encourages interaction and co-operation among students and teachers.

• Access to Remote Learning Resources : Teachers and children no longer have to rely solely on printed books and other materials in physical media housed in libraries.

• Motivating to Learn : To engage the child in the learning process, we use multi-media computer software that combines text, sound and colorful moving images to provide challenging and authentic content.

• Facilitating the Acquisition of Basic Skills : The transmission of basic skills and concepts, which is the foundation of higher order thinking skills and creativity, will be facilitated by the KnowledgeWare through drill and practice.

• Enhancing the Quality of Teaching : We also use KnowledgeWare to assess and improve the quality of teaching at Radcliffe.