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The Role of School and Parents in the Post-Covid Digital Era

When the entire world was pacing unperturbed, an enemy emerged in the form of a virus and with it, brought a global catastrophe, and turned the world upside down in a jiffy. Among all the things, the pandemic engendered by the Covid-19 virus had a ripple effect on the education system. However, not for long enough.

Technological development and digitalization paid dividends when the education system was expected to go undergo a complete halt. Taking a leap of faith, schools quickly switched to non-contagious ways of conducting classes, placing their bets on the world’s soaring progress with technology and phenomenal digital advancement.

Our Concern

In this fast-paced era of modernization and cut-throat competition, we at the Radcliffe Group of Schools are more concerned about students’ mental health. While our faculties are trying their best to look after students’ psychic pressure along with amping up their creativity and other vital skills, it’s equally crucial to highlight parents’ role in keeping up with children and making them feel valuable throughout this challenging course of time.

Here’s what parents can do:

  1. Observe kids’ thinking processes and problem-solving skills, and if possible, indulge with them in mind-bending activities.
  2. Spending quality time with kids will help you show them your affection and help the parent-child relationship grow.
  3. Maintaining children’s physical fitness is equally significant, just as it is with their mental health.

It is time to reimagine our educational system where everyone is a part of the teaching community in some or the other way. As the new National Education Policy-20 has been introduced and the fear of the coronavirus has subsided, I hope all the stakeholders experience a new ray in the current scenario that is brighter and stronger than ever.

Ms Neena Singh

Principal, Radcliffe Group of Schools

Patiala, (Punjab)

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