RadCare Initiative


RadCare Initiative

RadCare, Caring Beyond Education, is an initiative that was launched to help our parents deal with emotional and financial stress caused by the pandemic.

As a part of this initiative, series of programs were launched to help parents grapple and overcome challenging situations.

One such program is a free advisory platform that will give valuable inputs on child care and parenting through informative blogs written by experts.

Another program is about talking to a Child Behaviour specialist, who can help parents deal with anxiety and stress-related challenges of the children.

Under this initiative, Community programs are conducted to inculcate the value of giving back to society. It is crucial to start engaging children from a young age, to be compassionate and empathetic towards the less privileged in society.

No matter how small these may be, they lay the groundwork for lifelong attitudes of generosity and giving back to society, the less privileged once.