Community Program

Box of love

It has been rightly said that joy multiplies when we share it with others. And there is nothing that gives someone more joy than the joy of giving – giving back to the community and giving to those not as fortunate as us.

This is the story of our era—the story of the family, once a dense cluster of many siblings and extended kin, fragmenting into nuclear families. For this reason, the next generation could grow less empathetic and more self-centered, affecting the culture and strength of families, schools and the larger community.

Hence it is crucial to start engaging children from a young age, to be compassionate and empathetic towards the less privileged in the society. No matter how small these may be, they lay the groundwork for lifelong attitudes of generosity and giving back to society, the less privileged once.

Above all, the pandemic has made us realize the true uncertainty of human existence and the true vulnerability of human life. On the one hand we can boast of this generation being more tech savvy which has helped them to adapt to the online mode very easily but it also means they are spending less time elsewhere, including participating in social activities and communicating with family and friends.

A lot of children are stressed out by this, so finding something where they can take an action will help kids navigate the pandemic a little easier.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ―H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Recently Radcliffe Group of Schools initiated yet another humanitarian campaign- RADCARE –Box of Love– to reach out to the underprivileged at Goonj NGO –Mumbai.