Dear Friends,
“The main aim of education is not just to impart knowledge, but to serve as catalyst for a life time of learning”.

The above quote quite rightly sums up Radcliffe schools philosophy! We firmly believe that a good School not only prepares a child for formal schooling but also shapes up a winning attitude that is indispensable for success in all aspects of life. At Radcliffe, we offer young toddlers an integrated curriculum that focuses on child’s linguistic, cognitive, emotional, physical development through innovatively conceived teaching methodology. It is the constant endeavor of our dedicated content and curriculum cell to study, invent and introduce interesting, appealing and effective teaching aids and instructional material which is why the children groomed by Radcliffe, exhibit much superior positive confident etiquettes and intelligence than their counterparts.
The flourishing School domain in India has emerged as one of the most attractive investment destinations for investors since it not only offers neighborhood had more business opportunity but also great longevity. Our expertise in this domain gives us the confidence to replicate our success in other parts of the country and embark on a pan –India expansion. We respect and owe your association with us.
We look forward to have you one of the stake holders to observe a happy learning experience.

Yours Sincerely,

Amit Rai



Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

Warm obeisance and season’s greetings!

Being Human beings we are the most emancipated form of Animal Kingdom. The mystic combination of intellect, spirit and thirst of knowledge made this species most powerful and conqueror of the universe. Being a teacher, genuinely it is required to have that capacity, skill and knowledge and par vision so that the Teacher can transmit the same to the Learner and accordingly, learner can enlarge the horizon of existence and operation to expand till infinity. The organic and metaphysic of Human mind and behavior may be complicated but ‘Teaching’ – ‘how to learn’ is very simple. It is accepted in every theism and sect. Whereas, we made it intricate because of non acceptability at all levels. When this acceptability develops between Teacher and Learner miracles happen. When learning ‘happened’ in the class room in the form of unforgettable incidents, real miracle takes place. The class reaches the height of ‘incidental learning’ that is truly beyond the ‘content learning’. This is Excellence in Education, and the place where it happens is the School of excellence!

We are striving hard to redefine the same excellence in our Schools! Let us join hands together for this commendable task!

Biswajeet Mukherjee