Children learn in a number of ways. They grasp a subject better using their own methods. Some of them learn with pictures and graphs while others by hands-on experience. We value the child's uniqueness and appreciate the way they learn. At Radcliffe School, our objective is to provide children with the opportunity to learn successfully and get a lasting education. To achieve our goals of providing quality education, we have developed IntelligeX that offers ample choices for children to learn and engages them in a number of ways by which they learn the best.

IntelligeX is an intelligent learning delivery model designed and developed by renowned academicians and child psychologists. It employs a variety of learning-teaching methods using ICT, multi-media courseware, music, field-trips, drama, arts, role plays and games to make learning a joyful experience for every child.

We believe that intelligence can be developed throughout the life, and at Radcliffe School, IntelligeX is the model to preserve, nurture and develop the natural intellect of the child. It allows teachers to use a great number of ways to reach children of different learning styles and broadens their horizon of teaching methods so that children can learn in ways they find comfortable. It also helps teachers identify children's strengths that can be used in the teaching-learning process.

Intellige X encourages collaboration among children, parents and teachers, wherein each is an integral part of the whole system. It also employs an efficient method to track the continuing progress of a child's learning.