In the month of June 2014 the campus was stirred with the activities for the Students’ School Council Election in the Radcliffe Schools. Among the various things that distinguish Radcliffe from the others is the modernistic approach adopted by the institution aimed at moulding the children to be the ideal citizens. In a democracy the control of authority rests in the public. Children learn a lot about democracy and election in their text books, but a firsthand experience thrilled them.

The students of the school had the pleasure of electing their own student leaders in a most democratic fashion. The candidates contesting for the post of Head Boy, Head Girl, and Captains of 4 houses- Corbett, Lincoln, Teresa. These candidates were selected by a panel of teachers from various faculties including the discipline committee and the core council members.

These selection were also based on different criteria like academics, discipline, their contribution in various fields, the confidence and leadership qualities they posses. The selected students campaigned and propagated their manifestoes. Children got marks on their fingers as they casted their vote on the ballot paper. The voted candidates were invested with authority and power as the office bearers.