At Radcliffe CBSE School, the morning sets the trend for rest of the day and it is important for all of us to begin on a bright and a cheerful note. We try to achieve precisely that during the 'Morning Assembly' which precedes the first instructional period. Our children are divided into four houses: ‘Corbett’ is symbolised by red colour; ‘Edison’ by blue; ‘Lincon’ by green and ‘Teressa’ by yellow. Each week, it is the duty of one house to conduct the assembly. Once the house captain calls the assembly to order, the prayer begins. There are different prayers for each day of the week. The prayer is followed by the enthusiastic reading of the thought for the day.

Close on its heels comes the reading of ‘amazing facts’ or the conduction of a short quiz or the performance of a small skit. The skit is usually performed during festivals and besides providing some entertainment, holds plenty of educational value. In an attempt to enhance the oratorical skills of students, we have also adopted the system of making selected students speak for a couple of minutes on a pre-decided topic. These students are chosen by calling out their roll numbers at random. The assembly ends with the singing of the National Anthem after which the young ones troop into their respective classrooms in an orderly fashion. Now they are refreshed and ready to face the challenges the day holds for them.